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Sanya Weather and Climate

Sanya weather is characterized with tropical oceanic monsoon climate, with yearly average temperature stays at 25.4°C., Sanya weather is warm all year around, and no matter believe or not, 35.7°C. is the historical supreme Sanya temperature on record. The highest average Sanya temperature falls in July at 28.3°C while the lowest comes in Jan. at 20.3°C. the winter is very pleasant with no frost nor snow.

Flowers are in full bloom throughout the year. Sanya thus is praised as the "oriental Hawaii " because of the weather. The duration of sunshine is 2563 hours, with an annual rainfall of 1279mm in a year. Sanya's rainfall is lower then the other area of Hainan island, and 1/3 of the yearly rainfall comes with the typhoon, at the same time the concentrative rainfall makes Sanya weather a feature of 300 shinning days a year.

Sanya weather is famed for its clear, fresh air and abundant sunshine and is nicknamed as "natural oxygen bar". According to the air quality appraising over 148 cities of 45 countries by the World Environmental Protection Organization from 1998 to 2003, Sanya ranked No.1 in China, No.2 in the world in terms of air quality. Sanya weather upreared a large original tropical rain forest, it has 63% of forest coverage with121 thousand hectares forestland and 62 thousand hectares forestation.

There are 9 national, provincial and municipal level nature preserves with 13,497 hectares. According to a general survey, the average life-span of Sanya people is 73.5 years, it is a place exports air and sunshine to the whole world, the place where people live the longest in China.