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Shenyang Weather and Climate

Located close to North Korea and on the far north-eastern side of China, Shenyang's climate is known for its seasonal extremes of weather.

For most part of the year, Shenyang's weather is dry with some occasional rains even during the summer months. This is because of the monsoon winds. Temperature is very low, around 10 degrees Celsius but it can fluctuate throughout the day. The winter months are very cold especially when the temperature drops way below zero degrees Celsius.

Shenyang's winter weather remain cold for a long period, from November to March. However, as soon as spring arrives in April, the climate warms up quickly and dramatically, approaching 20°C / 68°F by the end of the month.

The summer climate in Shenyang can be rather hot with fairly high humidity levels, the result of rain showers, which are at their heaviest and most likely to fall between July and August. This is due to the strong influence of monsoons.