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Tibetan Butter Tea

Tibetan Butter Tea

Butter Tea is a kind of daily necessity for Tibetan people to be drunk throughout the day for a long history. Butter tea, with a specially mellow and salty taste, is usually drunk along with Zanba. It is made with yak and black tea requiring a complicated process and high skills. With high content of heat, butter tea has been considered as the best drink to resist cold and supplement energy for people living in Tibetan Plateau.

When you travel to Tibet, you will be treated with butter tea in a Tibetan family. But there is a certain custom of serving the butter tea. Usually it is drunk by separate sips and the bowl will get refilled to the brim by the host after each sip. In this way the custom never drains off his bowl. But if the guest does not want to drink anymore, it is advised to leave the tea untouched before leaving and drain the bowl when leaving. Drinking butter tea has been the indispensable part of Tibetan people, you may fall in love with this special drinking when you visit Tibet.