Horse Racing Festival

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The Horse Racing Festival is usually hosted between June and July in Tibet and is one of the most exciting festivals. During the festival as the festival name suggests, horse racing is the main event. As the horse racing starts you can see the horse riders wearing colorful clothing decorated with jewels and ornaments. The aim of the horse racing tests the ability of the horseman and the stability of the horse. The races are separated into long-distance and short-distance races, with some covering thousands or hundreds of meters. Beside horse riding there are further challenges for contenders on horseback such as archery and horse riding tricks.

The scale of the festival has becomes larger, but at the same time the traditional programs have been preserved and more modern elements have been added such as folk dance, art performance, fashion show and folk costume displays. Traditional snacks should be tried whilst at the festival and crafts can be purchased throughout the day as momentums and souvenirs. By night fall as the festival reaches the end of day, a campfire is started with singing and dancing around it and is the perfect way to enjoy the night surrounded by such a great lively atmosphere. 

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