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Aba Prefecture Dining

As Aba is a prefecture mainly inhabited by Tibetans and Qiang people, food in Aba are featured with Tibetan and Qiang style.

Aba Prefecture Tibetan Specialities:

Zanba (糌粑)

Zanba is the staple food for Tibetan Nationality locals in Aba.


Yak Yogurt

A traditional cold dessert/drink made from fresh yak milk with a layer of yellow stearin creme. Under the creme is creamy and soft yogurt with a blend of sweet and sour flavor. It can be sliced into little cubes, applied with some refined powdered sugar.Regular consumption of yak yogurt is believed to help improve digestion and appetite, calm-down and sleep-aid.


Highland Barley Cake

baked cake made from highland barley dough in golden-yellow color. It tastes very crispy with a sweet touch. Eating highland barley cake can enhance digestion, and physique. It can be perserved in open air for a long time therefore makes for an ideal option when going on a long outing.


Aba Prefecture Qiong Specialties:

Zajiu is a popular type of home-brewed wine by Qiang people in Aba area. On Qiang New Year, the 1st day of the 10th month on Lunar Year Calendar, drinking Zajiu is an important part of the festive celebration.


Potato Rice Cake

Friend sticky rice cake made from grinded potato powder bubbed for its crisp outside and tend inside taste.