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Dali Dining

Dali Food

Most of the best and charming restaurants in Dali are in the ancient city, where the town is mostly inhabited by ethnic Bai people. The local Bai people still boast some distinguishing characteristics, making Bai cuisine being an important aspect of the culture.Some famous Bai dishes are earthenware pot fish, the "three cups of tea" and milk fan, a kind of dairy product like cheese.

You can find the authentic food in Dali such as earthenware pot fish, the "three cups of tea" and milk fan in Dali Gucheng at the Bailixiang and Jingjing Snack House. The Apricot Flower Restaurant also has Bai food and other Chinese regional food.The "foreigner's street" boasts some great restaurants serving a full range of Western, Yunnan, Bai and Chinese dishes. But what has really made Dali famous among foreign travelers is the small backpacker cafes, guesthouses and restaurants on Huguo Lu. Some of the most frequented cafes are the Tibetan Cafe, Cafe De Jack, the Old Wooden House and the Sunshine Cafe. Yunnan Cafe, Dali Window and Claire's Cafe are also very popular.Each of these restaurants have their own distinct features and menu.

The cafes in Dali offer a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere, cool music and cold beer. Many places also have comprehensive travel information, ticket booking service and bicycle rental.Three Courses Tea
The Three-course Tea, a tea drinking ceremony practiced by the Bai ethnic group on holidays.The way of tea drinking can be traced back to the Tang Dynasty (618-907). It is commonly drunk as part of a ceremony involving three servings. This ceremony was originally held by the senior members or the most reverent member of a family.

The first cup of tea tastes bitter, and is called bitter tea, the second is sweeter, while the third cup has added seasoning for a more fragrant, lingering aftertaste tea. The three servings of bitterness, followed by sweetness and finally an aromatic aftertaste are supposed to act as metaphors as part of a philosophy on life.

Western FoodStella's PizzeriaLocation: No.21, Huoguo RoadRecommended delicacies: Pizza, Italian food
Siji (Four Seasons) HostelLocation: No.55, Boai RoadRecommended delicacies: Western food, Taiwanese dishes, Local dishes

Local Food
Xinghua Village RestaurantLocation: No.165, Yu'er RoadRecommended delicacies: Stewed Carp, Dairy fans, Three Delicacy NoodlesA Da Yin RestaurantLocation: South Erhai Road, XiaguanRecommended delicacies: Erhai Fish, Green Plum wine

Fast Food
Location: F1, Xiaguan Hotel, No1, Renmin Road, Xiaguan

Location: F1-2, Aosen Mansion, West Jianshe Road, Xiaguan