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Daocheng Dining

Since 96% of the people living in Daocheng are Tibetan, food in Daocheng is mainly Tibetan styles. Popular ones include steamed buns, Zanba, butter tea, beef, mutton, highland barley wine, yoghourt and other Tibetan food.

Highland Barley Wine
Highland barley wine is made of highland barley produced in Qinghai-Tibet Plateau. This kind of wine is welcomed at local Tibetans by both old and young people, and is a must in holidays and celebration activities.

Zanba could be considered as the staple food for Tibetan people. Zanba is quite easy and convenient to make. Grind roasted highland qingke barley into flour, then mix it with ghee. Add some water and combine all the ingredients until they become thick. Then knead the mixture into dough balls and it can be served. Zanba is usually served with butter tea. The convenience to make and carry makes Zanba a necessity among Tibetan people.

Butter Tea
Butter tea is a kind of drink for Tibetan people at their three meals. It is usually served with Zanba. Butter Tea is made with yak and black tea in a complicated process and with high skills. Butter tea is popular because of its mellow and salty taste, and it is of high content of heat which makes it a kind of great food to resist cold and supplement energy for Tibetan people.

Air Dried Meat
Air dried meat is usually made at the dry season of November to March of the following year by Tibetan people at Daocheng. It is made from fresh beef or mutton to be dried by air in small pieces size. Air dried meat is quite crisp with unique flavor, and be eaten dipping with salt pepper powder or sauce. It is quite popular at local Daocheng.