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Dengfeng Dining

Dengfeng has a long history and is a cradle of ancient Chinese culture. Hui Mian is a popular snack among local people, which is to cook the noodles in the fresh mutton soup, and then put deep cooked mutton, Citron Daylily and Agaric into the soup to braise for several minutes. Scatter some coriander and chili oil onto Hui Mian before serving, for added flavor. In a word, you can enjoy the various food in Dengfeng city.

1.Songshan vegetarian food
Songshan vegetarian food uses natural edible fungus, soy products and vegetables as its major ingredients. It features freshness, flavor, tenderness and crisp.

2.Chinese style baked roll
The brown Chinese style baked rolls produced in Dengfeng, also called Jiaogai Shaobing, feature delicate workmanship, soft inside and crisp outside. Their major ingredients are white sesame seeds and natural wheat flour. On the surface coated tasty white sesame seeds.

jiang noodles, also known as canister rice, villagers near Zhongyuemiao often sell in the temple market, using mung bean and wheat crushed after washing clean and then deposited into the mill, flour white and bars, add Shanghao spices. It’s loved by the local people.

4.Confused Tea
Confused Tea, it’s created for people eat too much greasy stuff during the Spring Festival.Its practice is to first fried millet or beans, then ground into flour and made into soup and add tofu Ding, soybeans, peanuts, dates, sesame seeds, vermicelli.Its delicious, nutritious, fragrant long, Salted pleasant,it is very popular in Dengfeng people.

The restaurants in Defeng city

New Century Hotel
Located at the foot of Songshan Mountain,New Century Hotel is a four-star standard extravagent hotel. It offers buffet and various kinds of Chinese food.

Location: No. 103 Shaolin Road, Dengfeng.
Tel: 0371-62855166

Yongtai Temple Vegtarian Restaurant
Yong Tai Temple Vegtarian Restaurant has a long history with its unique and delicate vegetarian food. You can appreciate authentic vegetarian food in Yong Tai Temple Vegtarian Restaurant.Its dishes use fresh and edible fungus, soy products and vegetables as their ingredients.

Location: Songshan Yong Tai Temple (3 kilometers away from Saolin Temple).
Tel: 0371—62748757Tax: 0371—62749589