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Emeishan City Dining

Since Emeishan city is located in Sichuan Province and it is a city dependant on the great Mount Emei, dishes and local flavors would definitely satisfy tourists. Where there are Sichuan people, where you can have delicious Sichuan cuisine. At Emeishan city, there are hot pot that will excite you, there are Emei vegetarian feast to inspire you, there are braised duck(卤鸭) that tempt you. And there are many other local flavors are quite popular at local Emeishan city.

Jellied Bean Curd(豆腐脑)
Jellied bean curd from local Emeishan city is very hot and has been one of the must have when travelling to Mount Emei. It is a kind of soup made from jellied bean curd, bone soup and other seasonings. It is in bright red color and thick. Get a spoon of the soup and add some powder steamed beef, oiled peanuts, crisp pork, shredded celery, peppers and sesame oil, the classic flavor of the jellied bean curd has been finished. A mouthful of beef burger along with a mouthful of the jellied bean curd, this is how you get yourself lost at the delicious taste.

One of the famous restaurants to have the jellied bean curd is the Gao Ji Jellied Bean Curd(高记豆腐脑). It is a old restaurant that specializes in selling jellied bean curd only. It is located in No.112-114, Shuyuan Street, Emeishan City.

Snacks like Emeishan Rake leaves(峨眉山叶儿粑) and Emeishan Three-Material Mud(峨眉山三合泥) are quite popular in Sichuan cuisine. Rake leaves is made by taking white sugar, peanuts, walnuts, sesame and other material as the stuffing in a layer of skin made of glutinous rice powder, then to be steamed by wrapping in lotus leaf. It is quite fragrant and fresh. As for the Three-Material Mud, it is a desert with the material of black glutinous rice, beans, sesame seeds, fried peanuts, and lards to be made with a local unique technique and has the taste of crisp skin and soft filling.