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Fenghuang Dining

Located in Xiangxi Xiangxi Tujia and Miao Autonomous Prefecture, Fenghuang food falls into Xiangxi cuisine. Fenghuang people are fond of sour and spicy flavor. Its people are adept in making various kinds of food such as bacon with firewood and coal. In addition, they are fond of much salty, spicy and sour food. Their way of making salted meat is unique, first salting away then curing the meat. Actually, tourists can try Xiangxi cuisine like Duck in Qianzhou town, lichen, fern, twice-cooked pork, tofukasu, sour cabbage soup etc. 

Famous Special Food  in Fenghuang

Fenghuang Ginger Candy

Ginger candy, one of Fenghaung specialities, has a history of more than a hundred years. Made by hand, ginger candy tastes crisp, sweet and spicy due to its main ingredients brown sugar, white sugar, ginger, sesame, tea oil and spring. Not only does it stimulate your appetite, but warm the stomach and prevent a cold. 

2 Duck Stewed with Duck Blood and Sticky Rice

Duck stewed with duck blood and sticky rice is one of the most distinctive dishes in Fenghuang. How to make it? First, soak the sticky rice in the water, then put it in a bowl. Second, kill the duck and let its blood dropping in the rice so that the two can mix together. When the blood clots, steam it before setting it aside and cutting it into patches. Next, fry it with vegetable oil. Now stew the duck until it is well-done, and at this time place the blood and rice in the duck and add some condiments to it. When the dish is golden, you can try it immediately! It is indeed a rare delicacy that will impress you most!

3 Pickled Fish in Miao Ethnic Style

It is the traditional famous food which has brought national fame to the Miao ethnic people in Fenghuang County. Miao ethnic people have a tradition to breed fish in rice paddy. After harvest, Miao ethnic people discharge the water in the rice paddy and then catch the fish easily which is the main ingredient of the dish. The fish is pickled in altar after eviscerated with salt, pepper and a specially-made soup for three days. And then, Miao people put some sticky rice power and sweet corn power on the fish and continue to pickle it for half a month. When the pickled fish has done, flesh of the fish is delicate and has special taste and the fishbone is softened.