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Guiyang Dining

Guiyang food is also known as Qian food, featured numb and spicy flavor. Numb is made from several spices and the spicy is mainly refined from the red pepper.Guiyang cuisine resembles Chuan Cuisine and Xiang Cuisine, but still different from them. 

Famous Guiyang Local Snacks and Cuisines 
Guiyang cuisine is similar to the Sichuan cuisine in some way. Among all the typical Guiyang dishes, Sour Soup Fish is most delicious. Other cuisines like Bijie Dumpling, Bean Curd in Love and Sliced Vegetable Baby are also very famous in Guiyang. 

Guiyang Snacks
1 Si Wa Wa (Sliced Vegetable Baby) could well be the cheapest snack in Guiyang. It literately means the Baby because it takes the shape of a baby in swaddling clothes. Actually it is a thin cake made of flour and stuffed with various sliced cooked vegetables such as the carrot, radish, celeriac and other vegetables. Sour and spicy juices are necessities when tasting the Si Wa Wa.

2 Chang Wang Mian (Chang Wang Noodle) could be the most popular snack in Guiyang. The name of Chang Wang implies auspiciousness. With a long history of more than 100 years, Chang Wang Noodle has been highly-praised by the people of Guiyang.

3 The Bean Curd in Love is another famous Guiyang snack. It has an interesting name and also an interesting method of preparation that is to cut a piece of bean curd horizontally, fill it with vegetables and sliced meat, then to toast the bean curd until it turns golden and then sprinkle with sesame oil and other condiments. The finished bean curd tastes excellent! As for its interesting name, it is told that lovers often share the bean curd with each other, which add romance to the food; hence the name. Locals have this snack together with the soy sauce, vinegar, pepper and shallot. Spring Chicken is another savory snack in Guiyang.

Guiyang Night Markets 
Night markets are prevalent in Guiyang, where tourists can taste various kinds of local snacks of Guizhou province. And there is no worry about the business time of the restaurants, because restaurants along night markets are open all night. The famous night markets in Guiyang include Huancheng Beilu Night Market, located near Guizhou Hotel; Huangjin Lu night market, located near Guiyang Long-distance Bus Station; and the Hequn Lu Night Market, located at Hequn Road.