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Haikou Dining

Along with breathtaking scenery, Haikou is known for its delicious cuisine. Fresh vegetables, fruits and seafood are readily available.

In Haikou one can try many different kinds of food including baked pork, water spinach, goose, lamb, honey sliced pigeon, fish and ostrich, carp, venison, glutinous rice dumplings wrapped in bamboo and dog meat.

China Food Street
Haikou style restaurant is the most concentrated around the Jinlong Road.Here has a blend of cuisine from around the country, such as Hunan, Sichuan, Shandong cuisine, Xinjiang cuisine,

Jiangxi dishes.Hai Sau Road, Nansha Road, Sai Sha Road and other roads also brought together a Northeastern, Northwestern dishes cuisine.The Hunan Restaurant and Sichuan Restaurant is the majority of hese local flavor restaurants.
Transport: Bus 4 ,Bus 21.

Hot Pot
Haikou Haidian two East, South Po, white slope in which three of the most famous of Chongqing hot pot.

Spicy shrimp restaurant
The shrimp of restaurant spicy shrimp in Yilong Road is flown in by the long-term and admired by Haikou people of all ages.

Seafood Street
Located in Long Kunlun Road, this street has all kinds of seafood restaurants. people are treat and enjoy to the full.

Supper street
East, Simon supper a street operate a variety of snacks stalls Haikou residents and tourists like to patronize at this place.Here is open until midnight, night life has become a sea of people place.

Specialties: green lobster autumn, the East River salt curium chicken, Hainan, cuttlefish, crab claws four treasures of Hainan, Hainan coconut chicken, vegetarian pot Hainan Jinhua Seafood Rolls, Qu mouth seafood, dragons playing with a pearl, Rock Hill buckle lamb, four King Shan Po tofu

Snack: Hainan powder, Hainan pancakes, fried dumplings, Hainan, Hainan carrot cake, Li home bamboo rice, beef brisket, pork knuckle rice, Joan-style moon cake, blue mountain wine, fish pot