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Hefei Dining

Hefei street food include sanhe rice dumplings, which are made from rice flour and fried, sweet sticky rice balls in soup, and mushroom chicken dumplings,etc. Visitors to Hefei can have special dishes like Lord Bao Fish, Caocao Chicken, Grape Shape Fish, Stir-Fried Shrimp and Luzhou Roast Duck.

Many of the ingredients in Hui cuisine come from the surrounding mountain regions, like leopard cat and pangolin (a type of Asian anteater) being favorite meats, and wild mushrooms and bamboo shoots.

Honggao, Baiqie, Cunjin are recommended high quality specialties. You can bought these snacks in a store called Zhang Shunxin that is one hundred years old.They are made with refined sesame seeds and choice white sugar, flour and sesame oil. It is cooked with a special technique. These cookies are crisp, sweet, and fragrant.

Turtle is another favorite ingredient, and one of the oldest and best-known preparations of it is steamed with ham and then drenched with chicken oil. This 'Mati Turtle' , one of the oldest recorded recipes in the region, is served in a thick, white soup, and the meat is tender and delicate. Like many of the local dishes,it is believed to have medicinal effect.

Travellers can enjoy hot pot meals all year around in Hefei.Hot pot is a Chinese style of cooking in which a cooking pot filled with soup base is set on a table, and the guests order the ingredients and cook their meal themselves. The soup base only charges 5 Yuan, and 70-80 Yuan is enough for 5 people enjoy their dinner.

One of the famous restaurants for hot pot is Shushan Restaurant. It has many branches around the city and a good dining atmosphere.

There are some famous places for travellers to eat, such as Luyang Village Restaurant on Huaihe River Road, Huaishang Restaurant on Changjiang Zhong Road and Huangshan Restaurant on Bengbu Road.

Here listed below are the dishes in Hefei city:

1) Fuliji Grilled chicken (Fu Li Ji Shao Ji)
This golden delicious chicken dish is based on a similar one from Shandong province, though the technique has been modified and improved upon by chefs in Fuliji.
When prepared properly, the meat is tender and fragrant, and falls easily from the bones.Shengli Lu Branch
Add: 100 Shengli Lu, Hefei
Tel: 0551-2111277

(2) Baogong Fish (Bao Gong Yu)
These small shark-like suckerfish that live in the Bao River are cooked in such a way that the bones soften and the flesh becomes tender and delicate.

(3) Quick fried shrimp (You Bao Xia)
These large river shrimp are tender and flavorful when quick-fried.
Only fresh shrimp should be used.

(4) Hongfu Lobster Restaurant
The largest lobster restaurant in Hefei, they serve the crustacean an almost 50 different dishes.
The service is good, and prices are reasonable.

(5) Suzhou Lu Branch
Add: 71 Suzhou Lu, Hefei
Tel: 0551-2622788, 2632788