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Hohhot Dining

Hohhot has a long history in regional food culture with unique flavor. There are two series the traditional Mongolian cuisine and local flavor food .traditional Mongolian food divid into Red Food and White Food.The White Food are a wide variety of dairy products including the skin of milk, and DouFu of milk.And the Red Food are mainly meat products especially beef and mutton.

The well-done,fresh and delicious Red Food always are favorite meals in the masses of all ethnic groups in Huhhot region such as Roast Whole Lamb,Yangbeizi(a cooking style for mutton),Roast Leg of Lamb,Hand Hold Mutton.In addition,distinguishing food not only deeply loved by local people ,but also are popular with foreign visitors such as Shaomei(steamed open dumplings),Youmian(some kinds of noodle),milk tea,fried rice,butter and Kumiss.