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Huzhou Dining

Food in Huzhou is generally the same as many other places in Zhejiang province, some relatively unique ones are the White Hyacinth Bean and Hu sheep. Tourists can buy some local specialty products in the specialty supermarkets. In huzhou, Tourists can go to some old and famous food shops such as the "Zhou Sheng Kee" and "Ding Lianfang" to taste  some snacks, food in these shops are affordable, taste and authentic.

Huzhou Featured Food

1 Zhu Laoda Zongzi
Zhu Laoda Zongzi (a pyramid-shaped mass of glutinous rice wrapped in bamboo leaves) has a long history of about one hundred years. It is a traditional food with the Huzhou local flavor.

The most famous are Xisha (Red Bean Paste) sweet Zongzi and salty Zongzi with fresh meat. The specially made rose Xisha (red bean paste) in the sweet Zongzi are pitch-black and shiny with sweet and glutinous taste. Chosen ham is cut into strips and spread all over the salty Zongzi, which has fillings at both ends and tastes fragrant and fresh. This kind of Zongzi will not turn rancid even if it is stored for one week during the dog days of summer and will not go bad even if kept for half a month in winter.

Zhu Laoda Zongzi enjoys great popularity. In 1984, it took part in the Zhejiang Trade Fair held in Shanghai and received favorable comments from all social circles. Thereafter, its sales volume increases with years and it falls short of demand. At present, Zhu Laoda Zongzi is produced with upgraded equipment and vacuum-packed to meet export demands. 

2 Hundreds Of Fishes Banquet

Hundreds Fish Banquet get its name becuase more than 500 banquet dishes are made by selecting fish aquatic products as the main ingredients and employing several knife skills and cooking methods.

Its main characteristics are as follows: Special attention is paid to the freshness of the raw materials and the knife skills are fine and changeable; original gravy or soup is generally used to retain the original flavor of fishes; emphasis is placed on excellent color and beautiful design as well as nutrition match. It has not only the south flavor of delicateness, tenderness and smoothness, but also the north flavor of freshness, fragrance, saltiness and hotness. Therefore, it is not only suitable for elderly people and children, but also liked by young people.

3 Ding Lianfang Steamed Thousand Layers Stuffed Pork Bun

Ding Lianfang Steamed Thousand Layers Stuffed Pork Bun store is a famous store with a history of one hundred years. The Steamed Thousand Layers Stuffed Pork Bun it produces enjoys a great reputation for exquisite workmanship, famous and precious ingredients and fresh taste.

The characteristic of this kind of steamed stuffed bun is that the thousand layers are thin and flexible and it can be wrapped so closely as to impervious to gases. The fillings are made of purely lean ham, Korean dried and shelled shrimps, Japanese dried scallop, Xiaofeng alprazolam and bamboo shoots and cooked sesame with thick fragrance and fresh gravy. The flour is white and coarse. It will not turn into paste even if cooked for a long time. Therefore, it is soft and tasty.