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Jian Dining

As Jian is under the administration of Tonghua city and is located in the southwest of Jilin Province, food in Jian is typically flavored by the main two ethnic groups of Korean and Manchu. Local flavors in Jian include Bibimbap, Korean brazier, barbecue, ferns with shredded pork, sauce braised wood frog and so on.

This is a hot Korean dish and has become one of the distinguished dishes of Korean food. Rice, meat, vegetables and other food material are put into a buckpot and then to be baked on fire until there comes a layer of rice crust in the bottom of the buckpot. Then mix the rice and all the other food materials together to get the fragrant and tasty flavors.

Except those popular local flavors, there are many other native productions from Jian known in China. Grapes from Jian those are fragrant, sweet and juicy. Chestnuts produced in Jian are welcomed by their thin skin, pleasant sweet and soft fruit flesh. And the Yalu River carps, salted duck egg and wood frog are other popular ones from Jian.