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Jiangmen Dining

The Jiangmen Food in Jiangmen is based on Cantonese cuisine (Yue Cuisine), stressing on sea foods and game. And snacks in Jiangmen are famous for its porridge, Yue styled pastry and escargots. Local delicacies include Kaiping Dog Meat, Xijing River Abalone, and Xinhui Roasted Goose.

Jiangmen Featured Dishes

Kaiping Dog Meat
Dog meat is favorite dish of local residents in Jiangmen prefecture, especially dinners in Kaiping county. The best dog meat is produced in Zhenghua, Longtang and Lougang. In Cikan ancient town, steamed dog meat is with fired bean curd stick and black beans. 

Xijing River Abalone
Huangsha (Yellow Sand) Clam is called abalone by the people in Xijing River because of its tasty flavor. Huangsha Clam gained its name because here the river has unpolluted water and yellow sand. Therefore clams living here have good and fresh meat. Clamshell is becoming yellow and shining after yellow sand’s long-time scouring. Muzhou Clams are much more famous than other places because the water in the riverbed of Muzhou Water area is very clear. The best time to eat Huansha clam is fore-and after Tomb-sweeping Day (from March to May) because at that time Huangsha Clam is big and delicious.

Enping Potherb Banquet
Enping, far away from the metropolis, has the homemade cate of original taste and flavor such as shepherd's-purse soup, saxitoxin meal and Zoudi Chicken. The fish lives in the streamlet of valley in the remote mountains, so the fish is very sweet and fresh. Unusually, the fish could grow when he grows as long as the index finger. Deeply fry the fish, and eat it together with plain porridge and rice will be very delicious.

Waihai Noodles
The main feature of Waihai Noodle is its different method of rolling. The method is to put the well-prepared paste on the chopping board, and then insert a 2-meter long and 10-meter wide bamboo bar into a hole in the wall. The master of rolling noodles rides on the other side of the bar, repeatedly dragoons the paste and adds some powder each time and folds it in half and then continues dragooning, the same action goes on again and again until the paste is as thin as cloth, and then cut it into lines which is as thin as filamentary silver by a sharp knife. So Waihai Noodles are also honored as Zhusheng Noodles and Filamentary Silver Noodles.

Young Taro With Cooked Goose
Yong Taro with Cooked Goose has smooth skin, tender meat, unique flavor and thinner adipose layer. When you eat slowly and you would feel it is not fat but fragrant, so it is one of the famous ten dishes in Jiangmen. The cooking method: after salted the young taro with red buds together with sauce, and properly put some on the goose. Then the cooked goose will be tasty.

Roasted Goose in Xianhui district of Jiangmen city
Roasted Goose is well-known specialty in Xianhui district of Jiangmen city. It is said that the cuisine cooking by the palace recipe in Southern Song Dynasty (1127-1279).The goose is with flavor of crispy outside but sweet and rich inside.