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Kelamayi Dining

In addition to the natural scenery, Karamay has unique specialties.There are many great restaurants in Karamay.Vistors can find most ethnic snacks in Boda market on the Tianshan Road.The night market on Tahe Road is great.There are many famous Karamay snacks like Thao pepper chicken, fried shrimp, pilaf and Yellow noodles.

Karamay Noodles

With the golden color,the local noodles is called Yellow noodles.It sells all year round,kind of like fast food in Karamay. In general,local people will eat this noodles together with barbecue,so it’s also called Yellow barbecue noodles.

The noodles are thin and chewy with meat and vegetables.The barbecue is very fragrant mixing with cucumber, sauces and noodles.It’s very delicious.

Karamay Cold Noodles

Karamay Cold Noodles is different with the regular cold noodles.The soup and ingredients are not exactly the same,it taste completely Karamay flavour. A dozen spices dip in water for one night.Boil one hour and the seasoning water is done. Except the basic essential seasoning,pour the seasoning water into noodles.Then the delicious Karamay Cold Noodles is done.