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Lanzhou Dining

Lanzhou food and cuisine belongs to Long Cuisine, also called Gansu Cuisine. Lanzhou cuisine is heavily influenced by the Hui ethnic minority group. The staple is noodles and the meat dishes are generally mutton and beef, rather than pork. Lanzhou is a place where many ethnic minority groups live together. So you can find many delicacies in snack streets, such as Dazhong Food Alley and Hezheng Road where visitors can enjoy local delicacies.

Lanzhou Beef Noodles

Lanzhou Beef Noodles is one of the most common dishes in the local area. Visitors can see it at almost every street and it has become an indispensable part of the local people’s life. The noodle is handmade, and it takes a cook only one or two minutes to stretch the flour cake into many needle-like noodles. Among the numerous noodle restaurants in Lanzhou, the Jinding Beef Noodle Restaurant in Pingliang Road, and the Mazhilu Beef Noodle Restaurant in Wudu Road and the Minority Restaurant in Zhangye Road are the most famous ones.

Gaosan Meat with Soy Sauce

Named after its founder, this is a traditional featured food with 70 years’ history in Lanzhou. The meat is done fresh and fried until it is slightly transparent. It has distinct tastes with the flavor of soy sauce. You can buy it in Fuhuaxuan Restaurant on the west side of Zhangye Road.

Baihe Tao

Baihe Tao is so named because the dish is shaped like peaches. The fresh lily—a specialty of Lanzhou—is first steamed for about 15 minutes. The lily is then stuffed with sweetened bean paste so that it looks like a peach. The “peach” is braised in a bamboo steamer for about twenty minutes and then served with a white sugar sauce.