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Leshan Dining

Leshan is one of cities in Sichuan, therefore, food in Leshan is generally Sichuan cuisine which is spicy and very hot.  There are kinds of Leshan dishes and snacks to taste! Local Leshan dishes include Xiba Tofu, Minjiang River fish hot pot, Qiaojiao beef, Bang-Bang (stick) Chicken and Braised Dongpo Hock Pork with Brown Sauce, which has a reputation of “on the List of the Menu of the World”. 

Leshan Featured Dishes 

Qiaojiao beef
Qiaojiao beef is a famous local snack of Leshan made from the internal organs of a bull. There is an interesting saying from the old days: “Fishers were poor, could not afford beef, so they cooked the internal organs of bulls with soup, and ate them standing. Because they were very tired, they stood on tiptoe and leaned on the table.”

Dongpo Ink Fish
The Dongpo Ink Fish lives in the Minjiang River at the foot of Leshan Giant Buddha. It is said that the fish is dyed with the ink of the poet Su Dongpo (1037-1101) who studied in the Dongpo Reading Building at the Dafo Temple (Lingyun Temple). When cooked, the outer fish skin is crisp and the meat is tender.

Stewed Jiangtuan Fish
The Jiangtuan fish has tender meat and few fish bones and it tastes very fresh when it is stewed with mushroom, ham and yulan slices. Because they live in the rivers of Leshan, Leshan Stewed Jiangtuan Fish has a great reputation and welcomed in Sichuan Cuisine.

Bang-Bang (stick) Chicken
This is one of the most popular dishes, made with cold chicken (breast or leg) shreds and topped with a spicy sauce. The cold chicken meat must be hit with a stick while cooking, which is how it gets its name! This dish is delicious and tender, and is offered by most restaurants in Leshan, attracting hundreds of thousands of diners.

Steamed Pearl Fish
This dish looks like a pearl; its color is pure white and the taste is delicious. It is a dish that was originally created by the dietetic industry of the Downtown District of Leshan City. During the preparation, fish bones and sin are removed first. The pure meat and fat lining are smashed into pieces and put onto a plate in the original form of the fish. The fish soup is made up with vegetable oil, egg white, bean flour, water and so on. The shell is removed from the boiled goose egg and the egg is cut into two pieces and placed in round balls on the fish. After this, the dish is put into a steam box for braising. Features of this dish are that the form is the same as a bright pearl, the color is white, the fish is fresh and tender and the taste is light. The dish is light in taste but the flavor stands out in taste tests.

Where to Eat
There are many local restaurants scattered downtown in Leshan city. Along the riverside of Minjiang River, pretty many restaurants offer food with local flavor, especially around the pier.

Zhongshi Lao Xiba Bean Curd Restaurant
Recommended dish: Xiba Bean Curd, Sichuan Cuisine
Address: at Jiahui Mansion in Xiaogongzui area in Leshan City Center

Jiuding Hotel Restaurant
Recommended dish: Sichuan Cuisine, Bean Curd dinner, local snack
Address: at No.1 at Wuyouba Diaoyutai in Leshan City
Bus route: Bus No.3, 13

Pattaya Western Food Restaurant
Recommended dish: beefsteak, fruit wine, cost-free lemonade
Business Hours: from lunch time until 2:00am
Address: at No.10 building on Mishuiyuan Walking Street, Leshan City