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Longsheng Dining

The cuisine in Longsheng has a strong feature of the local ethnic minority groups.The local traditional dishes are delicious.There are many famous dishes like Dong Three Sour Delicacies, Happiness in the Bitterness and others.At the same time,you should not miss the chance to taste the sweet Rice Wine, fragrant Rice in Bamboo and wind-dry fish among other local dishes.

Sour food in Longsheng is the favorite of local peole.It mainly contains the sour meat and fish.Food in Longsheng is very heslthy for making from the organic material and cooking in the traditional way.Vistors can experience the rural life by eating in Longsheng.

The Must-Taste Food in Guilin Longsheng

Sour Meat and Fish
It’s healthy by making in a traditional way and taste really good.It’s one of the favorite food of the Dong people and aways erved in the banquet in the Dong people’s tradition.

Cobble Fish
The small fishes are called cobble fish for the streams they live has many cobbles.First,the fish should be wind dried and preserved.Then fly the fish with capsicum and garlic shoots.It’s an appetizing dish with rice for tasting hot and acetous with fragrant flavor.

Bamboo Rice
The bamboo rice is an famous and delicious local food making from the local organic rice and the local fresh bamboo.The rice smell good and astes sweet.

Rice Wine
Rice wine is brewed by the local rice and a kind of delicious low alcohol.Some of the local people drink it as water.The wine can strengthen people’s physicals and there is no need to worry it affecting your health.

Restaurants in Longsheng 

Longsheng Jin Che Village Restaurant 
Address: Jin Che Village, Longsheng Town

Zou Qin Qi Village Restaurant
Address: Xi Men Hong Yao Village

Jin Ding Ge Village Restaurant
Address: Jin Fo Ding, Dazhai Village of Heping Township