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Luoyang Dining

Luoyang local food is really unique and has big connection with the culture and history of serving as the capital of many dynasties, especially the stunning 24-course Water Banquet and Carp Dishes stunned most of the tourists.It is one of the famous food of China.

Luoyang Water Banquet

Totally 24 courses are served at the banquet, including eight cold courses(four meat dishes and four vegetable dishes), and 16 hot courses, which are composed of four important dishes and four group of dishes. Each group has a leading course, accompanied by twon minor dishes. The courses are served on after another, showing a unique customs.

The Carp Jumps Over the Dragon Gate

Carps from the Yellow River are tender in meat. delicious in taste and rich in nutrition. The Carp Jumps over the Dragon Gate, beautifully shaped, is auspicious with meaning. Place a cooked carp pmtp a plate, with its head raised up, as if it wasa ready to jump up. Set off by "green hills in the shape of a gate," the dish is very appealing and delicious.

Luoyang Yancai

Yancai is the name given to the unique flavor of Luoyang local dishes. This dish was highly praised by Empress Wu Zetian and she gave it the name ‘Yancai’. According to legend, when Empress Wu Zetian lived in Luoyang, local farmers presented a huge carrot to the empress because they regarded it as a gift from god. The royal cook cut it into thin shreds, steamed it and mixed it with delicate flavours. From that time on, Yancai spread in popularity.

Pan roast chicken

The Panjinhe roast chicken restaurant in Luoyang has been renowned for a long time. Pan roast chicken is now operated by a new generation. Ingredients include an invigorating mix of cloves, cardamom, and prickly ash.The dish was first created by Pan Gensheng and in 1941 his son opened the first restaurant. With the chicken’s unique flavor and the operating flexibility of the business, the restaurant has gone from strength to strength and is well-known far and near.

Hula Soup

Hula Soup is one of the most distinctive Luoyang snacks and has 100 years of history. It has its origins in the Old City and is still popular on Luoyang streets.It is famous all over the country for its fine cooking methods, delicious taste, and convenience. The main ingredients are fine flour, vermicelli, and pork, combined with peanut kemels, taro, yam, lily, fungus, green onion, garlic slices, and gluten bubbles.

Luoyang Food Steet

Located in the south street of Luoyang old city.This street shows the civilization of food in Luoyang. If you want to taste typical Luoyang local food, this place is the best choice for you. Especially at night, lots of people no matter local people or travelors like to enjoy luoyang food in this street.There is a wide range variety of loca food there ,about 50 food stores. Visitors have chance to taste more than 200 kinds of local food. Such as water banquet, sour and spicy soup, crap, Roast chicken,s teamed dumplings and so on.