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Nanchang Dining

Food in Nanchang reflects social psychology, property resources and natural environment.Nanchang is located at a land with rich agricultural products based on developed agriculture, featuring humid spring and chilly winter. This was reflected in to the flavor of local cuisine: salty, spicy and umami. In local context, eating and drinking tea are also an crucial occasion of interpersonal communication.


Jiangxi is rich in tea leaves,as a time-honored distribution center and great consumer of teas. Drinking and marketing tea have been the main features of Nanchang According to records, According to statistics, there were about 200 thousand people in Nanchang before the liberation but there were about 200 teahouses and teashops, of which, the large scale teahouses even had 400-500 seats. Generally, the teahouse has the following three functions: chatting with friends to enjoy the time; discussing business with the merchants in the casual atmosphere; and talking about private matters to relax. Even those Nanchang people who would not like to go to teahouses drink tea at home. A cup of tea will be served to guests as the first step of reception courtesy among local households.

Rice Wine

Jiangxi is rich in sticky rice, an crucial material of making rice wine.Therefore consuming rice wine is another highlight of Nanchang's Drinking culture. On important occasions such as wedding, birthday and funeral, “Four bowls and four dishes”, “Four large dishes and four small dishes”, or "Eight dishes"will be served; Of which, the large dishes are chicken meat, duck meat, fish meat and pork and the small dishes are fried dishes. While drinking has its rules, in the marriage, you can drink and eat everything to enjoy yourself, you can even play the finger-guessing game while drinking. If you are in the funeral, you can drink little. But in all feasts, you can not eat a lot of rice. As the saying goes, “Drunken man is the great man while satiate man is not". That is to say, only the great man can have the courage to be drunk.

Stewed Soup in Earthenware Pot (Wa Guan Wei Tang)

This signature dish of Nanchang is of nation wide popularity with franchised eateries spreading all over major cities. The soup base includes raw nourishing material and mineral water in an earthenware container. The container will be steamed in water which is heated by mild and constant lit firewood for as long as 6 to 7 hours. It is often the case that traditional Chinese medicine will be added to help build up health.


Nanchang Rice Noodles

This typical dish is developed on Nanchang's bounty in rice. It is noted that only the harvest from late rice of the year will be used to make rice noodles. Boiled rice noodles are stir fried with thick sauce, mushroom slices, and celery sticks. Finished rice noodles dish is of soft, spicy and tasty touch.


Steamed Pork with Rice Powder (Fen Zheng Rou)

This dish appreas regular on home dinner tables, a speciaty dish for important occasions like Chinese New Year and other holidays. Diner's attention will be wholy graspped the moment the lid is lifted from the giant steamer. The sight and the smell is incredible. The spiced rice powder is the core magic to make the dish. The coating of the rice powder and a turn through the steamer make for the robust flavor and silky texture of the pork.