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Nanjing Dining

Local Food

Nanjing’s food is famously known as Jingsu Cuisine.This includes four big delicacies they are sweet and sour mandarin fish, Nanjing duck, steam egg dumpling, quick fried ducks’ pancreas and deep fried phoenix-tailed prawns. The group of chefs who cook the specialties of Nanjing and Suzhou declare themselves as the Jingsu Bang.

Majority of the ingredients in the Jingsu Cuisine is seafood which gives priority to the high quality and freshness. Some of the foods are tender while others are crispy and they can be fried, braised, roasted and stewed adequately. With the decent cutting techniques, all the fancy dishes turn into a treat for the eyes and the stomach.

As the Nanjinger’s love the duck and goose, an assortment of specialties made of duck and goose is significantly welcoming by both natives and foreigners. They include the Salty duck in osmanthus sauce, Nanjing steamed and roasted duck, duck blood soup with silk noodles, pickled and dried duck stomach and Dongshan roasted goose.

Another delicacy which is popular along with the organic materials today is the wild vegetable.Especially the eight xerophytes known as selengensis, Nankingense Chrysanthemum, shepherd's-purse and other five kinds of vegetables. However, once people come to Nanjingese restaurant, they will be able to see the perfect combination of vegetable and meat dishes which will definitely satisfy the tourists hunger.