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Nanning Dining

Nanning food shares the style of Cantonese food and of Southeast Asia. Chinese cuisine including Guangdong, Sichuan, Hunan and Jiangsu and so on, Thai and Western cuisines can be found.

Nanning cuisine incorporates the features of many southern minority groups’ traditional dishes like Yao , Miao, and Dong and Zhang people.

Rice noodles is a very famous local food in Nanning.There are variety of rice foods such as Laoyou rice noodles and Guilin rice noodles.

Nanning Local Food

Laoyou Rice Rice Noodles (Old Friend Rice Noodles)

Laoyou Rice Rice Noodles has a history of more than 1000 years.There is a story about it.Once up on a time,an old people visited a tea house everyday until one day he got a cold.When the boss knew that,he made a bowl of rice noodles which had chopped garlic, lobster sauce, sour bamboo shoots and chopped beef in it.After eating it,the customer get better.Then,the rice noodles has been named as old friend noodles.

Ba Zhen Fen (Eight Treasures Rice Noodles)

Ba Zhen Fen is another famous Nanning food worthy to taste.It’s an royal food in Qing Dynasty.It is made of more than eight treasures from land and sea and tastes good.

Lemon Duck

Lemon Duck taste sour and spicy,very delicious. The duck is neither soft nor oily and has the lemon’s special smell.The sour and spicy taste of the lemon duck is from the lemon and sour chili, sour garlic, sour ginger.