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Pingyao Dining

Pingyao's residents like their noodles, steamed breads, buckwheat rolls, yams and braised Pingyao beef (beef from this region is renowned for its quality) and you'll find plenty of these and their derivatives being hawked street-side all over town.

Pingyao Braised Beef

Ancient Pingyaoneses began to braise beef in the Han dynasties. They prepare the beef with five-aroma seasoning so the stuff is tender, fragrant and tasty. All the cattle are well selected for the older the cattle are and the more fragrant the braised beef is.

Qiaomian Kaolaolao

Qiaomian is a kind of plant called buckwheat flour. Qiaomian Kaolaolao is a staple food made of buckwheat in Shanxi. The buckwheat should be made with boiling water and kneaded until smooth while still hot. The thick paste is cut into small blocks and then rubbed into flat pieces on a smooth stone slab. The flat piece are rolled into a cylinder and placed on end in the steamer. After 10 minutes, the delicious Qiaomian Kaolaolao is ready. Assisted with some flavoring like tomato or chili sauce , the taste will be more delicious.

Pingyao Miao Erduo (Cat Ear)

Don’t be threaten by its name “Cat Ear”. It is just a kind of flavor snack with the shape of cat ear. Chip the paste into small blocks, then press the block into the shape of cat ear. After boiling, fry it with other coles such as tomato, green pepper and so on.

Pingyao Yam

Pingyao has an abundance of Chinese yams which are rich in protein, starch and many trace elements like calcium, magnesium and zinc. Chinese Yam in Honey is a common dish in Pingyao. The steamed Chinese yam block is fried with hot sugar and honey. It tastes sweet, smooth and soft with a light fragrance of honey