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Qinhuangdao Dining

Dining in Qinhuangdao cannot be a problem, if visiting the city. Located in the Hebei province that is the leading agricultural province of the People's Republic of China, Qinhuangdao offers a large variety of delicacies prepared from the local crops. Here one can savor dishes cooked in local style or else even try delicacies that originated in other provinces of China and even international flavors. Here we have given information about some of the popular eating out destinations in Qinhuangdao as well as some of the delicacies that ought not to be missed during your sojourn here.

The local cuisine of Qinhuangdao primarily has its roots in the Hebei cuisine also known as Ji cuisine. Dishes are prepared here using local agricultural produce and catch from the sea. Owing to its location on the coast of the Bohai Sea, seafood features heavily in the cuisine of Qinhuangdao. One can also get flavors of the eight major cuisines of China, dishes from the imperial kitchen, Japanese, Korean, continental and Italian cuisines in the historic city. Here you will also find popular international fast food chains that serve burgers and pizzas that are forever relished by kids.