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Shangrao Dining

Located in Jiangxi Province, the local Shangrao food falls into a kind of Gan cuisine and Rao cuisine.  Rao cuisine is originated from the ancient Xinzhou, blending the features of cuisines in counties of Shangrao, Wuyuan, Guangfeng, Qianshan, Yushan. Shangrao people are fond of delicious food with freshand strong-smelling flavor. 
Citizens in Shangrao are adept in making different kinds of food such as Guifeng Preserved Pork with fine cooking methods. In addition, they are fond of much salty and spicy food. Actually, tourists can try Shangrao cuisine like whitebait and white lotus seed from Poyang Lake. There are also many other kinds of special local products, such as bodiless lacquer from Boyang County, Lianshi Paper from Qianshan County, kudzuvine herbal medicines, rice cake of Yiyang County, pearls from Wannian County, Longwer Inkstone.