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Shangri-La Dining

Suolima Wine is something like beer. The taste is fresh and cool, but do not drink too much in such a high altitude. Tibetan cakes mostly made of wheat flour and ghee are the best food made by local people.

Buttered Tea (or Ghee Tea) is an important drink for local Tibetans. The making of this special tea is quite simple, first put tea into a pot, add ghee, salt and herbs, and then stir it many times to make it becomes creamy, and it can be served. For local families, they drink this tea at least three times a day. This is to add calorie to body, that is to make you strong enough to brave the cold in high altitude area.

Tibetan Yoghurt ("Shuo" in local language) is made from milk, it helps your digestion and provides you longevity!

Tsampa (roasted barley) is so nutritious, often eaten with buttered tea. It is a traditional staple food for Tibetan pilgrims.

Tibetan mutton is traditionally for men after a hard day of hunting in the countryside. When a man has killed animals and brought them home, his wife will prepare a mutton dish with egg yolk, white sugar, wine, vegetable oil and butter. The mutton dish is delicious and sweet.

Local style hot pot does not originate solely from Tibetan but a kind of mixed stuff from many local ethnic minorities. Wild Tibetan vegetables, yam, pig stomach, bean curd, cooked hams and agaric are mostly used ingredients for the hot pot dish.