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Shaoxing Dining

Shaoxing dishes is an important component of Zhejiang cuisine. Shaoxing dish is elegantly and simple.The
main material of Shaoxing dishes are fishes, shrimps,poultry and beans of fresh water.The main characteristic of Shaoxing dish is "mould", "sauce" and"drunk".After mixing Shaoxing yellow wine,the dish tastes sweet with endless aftertastes.

Pickled pork is the most famous local dishes Shaoxing. Sauce dishes are also famous, such as duck sauce, goose sauce, pickles sauce and so on.The way to make the dish is to put the chicken simmered in brown sauce, the stewed duck with bean sauce.

In addition, chicken broth of Shaoxing, drunken shrimp, dried sea frozen meat, shrimp sauce chicken and other are also very popular.There beans flavored with aniseed which is tightly linked by Lu Xun’s character Kung, has become known in Shaoxing local snacks.

The famous restaurants in Shaoxing are Xianheng old hotel (Lu Xun Road 44), Orchid Pavilion (Shangda road 1st), concentric floor (Liberation Road 87), poly Paradise Restaurant (Victory Road 37) and so on.