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Shenyang Dining

Shenyang, as one of the biggest cities in the Northeast, has many delicious foods and snacks such as Laobian Dumpling, Yangjia Egg Cake and Majia Steamed Dumpling to name a few. Shenyang's cuisine is represented by many cultures such as Han, Hui and Manchu, the local food of Shenyang is therefore greatly influenced due to these various cultures. In addition, by being close to North Korea, Korean cuisine such as cold noodles, kimchi, barbecued beef etc. all can be found in Shenyang.

Based on the Manchu Cuisine, Shenyang food borrows the fine techniques from the traditional palace dishes and includes the cream of most famous Chinese cuisines, forming its own unique style. Every dish has its own distinctive historical story. Famous dishes are Lan Hua Xiong Zhang, Feng Tui Xian Bao and Hong Mei Yu Du. As a place governed by the Han nationality and various minor nationalities in turn, it is also a galaxy of various snacks from all over the country such as Laobian Dumplings, Korean Cold Noodles, Hui-style Ma's Steamed Dumpling and Laoshan's Haicheng Pie.

Shenyang Food Street

Located on the front of Yucai Middle School of Heping District, the stall mainly sells kimchi, which is considered as the most delicious and best kimchi within Shenyang City. It is said that the turnover of the kimchi stall is more than 300 thousand every year.