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Urumqi Dining

Roasted Sheep

Originally, it was a part of country fairs and formal banquets, and now as the tourist needs, it becomes a part of enjoying the city.It is made at a special iron barbecue grilled moxibustion tank.The making step is roasted lamb while sprinkle seasoning like salt, chili powder and cumin powder. After 3 or 5 minutes,the delicious roasted sheep is done.

Lamian Noodles

Freshly stretched and cooked noodles with toppings of meat and vegetables in a bowl of boiling soup will give you a nice experience.

Naan Bread

A staple food of Xinjiang and usually eat with soaking up the juices and sauces.

Uygur Rice

Rice cooked in a mutton broth with various vegetables or meat. It’s one of the finest local cuisine entertaining guests,the Uighur called it as"Pora". The main raw materials are rice, lamb, carrots, onions and edible vegetable oil. They mix together and stew out of rice, shiny brilliance, scented and taste delicious. In addition , raisins, dried apricots, dried fruits such as peaches can also put in the rice,it’s called “sweet pilaf or vegetarian pilaf.