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Yichang Dining

The flavor of food in Yichang is quite similar with that of food in Chongqing. They are spicy, original and very delicious. Fmouas dishes in Yichang include Old Nine Bowls, Three Gorges Pearl Soup, Sanyou Diety Chicken, Baisha Fat Fish, and Cool Shrimp.

Restaurants in Yichang

Weng Restaurant
Address: NanJin Guan San You Dong Bridge, Yichang
Weng Resaurant is in a unique location with a scenic view. Fat Basha Fish is the specialty dish. The flesh is soft, white and tender. There is also a lot of choices for vegetarians.

Peter’s Bistro
Address: No.8 Gangyao Road, High-tech Zone, Yichang
One of the best western restaurants you can find in Yichang! The food is normal mainstream western cuisine you expect to see in China: spaghetti, goulash, vegetarian pizza, chocolate brownie, schnitzel and the Peter’s Burger. In addition, the prices are very reasonable.

Jin Cao Mao
Address: YiLing Avenue 58-8, DaYang Shopping Mall 3 Floor b District, Yichang
Jin Cao Mao is a barbecue restaurant which has earned high praise for its fresh ingredients and reasonable prices. Roast beef and roast fish are the most popular among customers.