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Zhuhai Dining

Since it is a Guangdong city, Zhuhai has a lot of restaurants famous for Guangdong cuisines. Besides, this seaside city has a rich resource of seafood, especially oyster. Hengqin oyster in Zhuhai is well known to the whole country. The fresh and big oysters are cooked in many ways, like baking, roasting, and boiling. Either way, you will be presented with a pleasantly memorable meal. Zhuhai is just near Macau, which has a few restaurants that have elegant Portuguese dishes.

Jinding Barbeque 

Located on Jinding's main street, the BBQ opens around 5:30pm and closes around midnight, it is the largest outdoor street barbeque in Zhuhai. The BBQ is over 100 meters long with stalls and tables. Steam rises, motorcycles whiz by, and music blares from shops as dozens of proprietary stands serve up street specialties well into the night to a lively crowd seated at plastic tables and chairs. Meals are served on plastic bag covered plates and beer from the thinnest plastic cups in the world! Experience regular Chinese street life, and leave full and satisfied with the Zhuhai delicacies.

Gongbei Seafood

There is a multitude of outdoor eating establishments with high quality seafood in Gongbei near the Macau border. Gongbei's seafood is an important part of Zhuhai's cuisine. It is only a 5 minute walk from the border, any type of seafood can be found here such as crab, oysters, prawns, large fish and many more. As well as other non-seafood dishes that are just as good. They are authentic and much cheaper than anything you can find in the more pricey restaurants.