Any recommendations for a flower-viewing China tour??
12:27 Mar.05, 2014
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I'm quite obsessed with flowers of various kinds. But I like rose and lily best. So what flwoers are at this season in China? I am planning a China tour especially for flower-viewing in late March. Are there any recommendations for tour destinations? I want to take beautiful flowers pictures. Any specific information is highly welcomed. Thanks.

Re RE:Alice : By the way rape flowers at Luoping of Yunnan Province have great views.

Or, actually you can go to Luoyang, the ancient city in Henan Province to admire the beautiful peonies.

If you go to Hangzhou, this should a good choice for your trip. The West Lake of course is very beautiful, and there are peach flowers you can enjoy. And the Taiziwan Park in Hangzhou City is a great destination to enjoy the cherry blossoms and tulips. Hangzhou is a city that never gets you disappointed, I think.

Re RE:Alice : Here are some popular travel destinations in China if you want enjoy some unique flower tours:

Yunnan can be your first for your flower-viewing tour for the flowers bloom everywhere in spring.You can not miss camellia in Yunnan. There is also a saying “Yunnan Camellia is the best in the world, Dali Camellia is the best in Yunnan”.

In the late March each year, thousands of tourists go to Wuhan University to see Cherry blossoms. More than 1,000 cherry trees bloom in Wuhan University campus at the same time which is very spectacular. The scenery of Cherry blossoms is gorgeous,but flowering period is very short, only seven days.So cherry blossoms always make people feel romantic and beautiful pain.

Wuyuan is called as “most beautiful China countryside”. The most beautiful season of Wuyuan is spring when the rape flower, peach flower,pear flower and azalea all bloom.In Heyuan,the scenic beauty will mak eyou feel the ideal state of a combination of nature and humanity.

Known as China’s Utopia, Taoyuan County which located in Changde has the most beautiful peach blossoms. When peach blossoms blossom in March every year,the fallen flowers scene is like a fairyland.

As the city flower of Nanjing, Meihua( Plum flower) is the favorite flower of the public.It’s also a tradition to go hiking to the Meihua Mountain in spring.

Hope these information can help !

Re RE:Alice : I know rape flowers in China are very popular in spring, especially rape flowers at Wuyuan in Jiangxi Province. I've saw pictures taken by my cousin when he went there last year. They are really impressive. And besides the wonderful view of the flowers, the Wuyuan itself is a great destination from what my cousin told me. You may take this place in consideration if you travel to China. 


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