The highly recommendations in Beijing
14:46 Mar.05, 2014
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I’m going to Beijing this summer.I wonder if there are some highly recommendations in my Beijing tour except the famous attractions I already know like Forbidden City, Great Wall in Beijing, Tiananmen Square.Are there any things I can not miss in Beijing?Delicious food or unique experience?

Re RE:Olivia : I have one recommendation. That is Shopping in Xiushui Market.

The market is quite large with several stories. It is dedicated to selling clothes. And many other things like accessories, souvenirs and gifts. But it is a little strange that most customers shopping in Xiushui Market are foreigners, few local Chinese. Most shop owners there can speak English, so do not worry too much about communication. Clothes sold there are of trendy styles, I think you can find your style.

By the way, do not forget to bargain with the owners, it may help you save some money.

Re RE:Olivia : There are many interesting things you can do in Bejing except visting the famous Beijing scenic spots.

Bike Beijing
You can rent a bicycle throughout beijing old city with a map.It will be better if you choice your way through the backstreets which you can see the local Beijing life and enjoy more fun.

Panjiayuan antiques market
It's worth to visit Panjiayuan antiques market in weekend.This market is one of the best antiques' market in Beijing.You will see traders from across the country selling almost everything from books to bedheads, and calligraphy to Red Art, and there’s also an impressive collection of Buddha statues selling here.

Enjoy traditional Chinese massage

If you exhausted after a day of sightseeing,hiking or shopping,it's a good choice to take a traditional Chinese massage to relax.There are many TCM clinics, massage parlors and spas in Beijing.

Hope these information can help!

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