Which do you prefer,traveling with or without a tour group?
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When you travel in China,do you prefer visiting scenic spots and natural scenery with or without a tour group?I want to know wheather the tour group in China give enough time at the spots to deeply enjoy it or just like those who only give you 30 minutes for taking several pictures and then leave?Dose anyone has some experience can share?

Re RE:Emma : Hi Emma

Really depends on whether you like to travel at your own pace or if you prefer to travel with the company of others. When travelling by yourself you can decided where you want to go and when you want to go. But the only downside is if you've never been to those places before then you might waste some time trying to find your way around. 

When travelling in a tour group you might feel rushed and might not have the time to do things that you want to do. The plus point is you don't have to worry about your schedule because it's all been organized. 

Re RE:Emma : Ah, this is quite a tough question to answer. I say this because it depends from my experience. It depends on several factors, your time, your purpose and your budget of course.

Yes, it is true that if you travel with a group, there is time limit for enjoying a sight. Traveling with a group would spend less, so time is importantly considered. But the point just 30 minutes for taking photos you mentioned in your question is a little exaggerated. When travel with a group, the guide usually would give you enough time to enjoy the site. But this “enough” time is a relatively average time. But for a deep dig at the sight, the time would seem rush, maybe.

So my suggestion is, if you have enough time, you can travel by yourself. Then you can control your time. But this also has a problem, that is when you travel to some historical and cultural relics, you may fail to understand some parts of the site without the explanation of a tour guide.

Ok, if you both have time and a big budget, this helps a lot. You can arrange a private tour. A private tour may be a little expensive than the above two methods, but this would assure you a comfortable and pleasant tour. You can totally control your arrangement according to your time and budget.

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