What's special when travel to Taiwan??
11:18 Mar.11, 2014
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I’ve been to mainland China several times, now I want to change my destination to Taiwan. But I know Taiwan a little. I wanna know what are special at Taiwan. I want some specials that would impress my trip. Thanks a lot.

Re RE:Melody : From my understanding, specials to experience in Taiwan fall into its food and nightlife.
You can have a lot of delicious and tasty local snacks when travel to Taiwan. Oyster omelets to fried rice noodles, tempura, Tainan Danzai noodles, Taiwanese spring rolls, rice tube pudding, and braised pork rice.

On the other hand, night life in Taiwan is an interesting part of its specialty. There are many night markets that provide entertainment at night. Busy and casual, modern and local. You choose what you want.

You should have a list of attractions to visit when travel to Taiwan. What I want to mention is that, do not forget Kending. It is a really beautiful place with charming scenery. You will fall in love with this place. Enjoy your trip.

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