Is Beijing air quality THAT bad?
11:42 Mar.11, 2014
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My firends and I want to visit Beijing this Summer.We will spend a week in Beijing and visiting the Great Wall which is always our wish.We hope we will have a nice trip in Beijing.But it says that the air pollution of Bejing is really bad.Are there anything we should previously considered or prepared ?

Re RE:Riker : Ah, yes, the air pollution in Beijing is bad, but not that bad. If you guys plan to travel to Beijing in summer, there are several things to pay attention to.
The summer of Beijing is quite hot and rainy. Keep yourself protected from the sun and rain.
Listen to the weather forecast before traveling outside. If it happens the day is greatly covered with haze, you’d better stay indoors. Or at least you should wear a protective mask. Do not exercise when haze days.

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