What preparations to make before travel to Tibet?
15:43 Mar.14, 2014
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I’m planning a trip to Tibet in April. Is April a great time to travel to Tibet? If it is, then what preparations should I make before the trip? I know Tibet is a remote destination to get access to and I want to enjoy the trip to the most. So any of your suggestions are welcomed.

Re RE:Jim : Hello. Tibet has its special and unique views in different month. The best time to travel to Tibet is July to September, but April is a good time to travel to Tibet.
You do have something to prepare before you travel to Tibet. First of all, you have to apply your Tibet Travel Permit along with your valid passport and visa to visit Tibet.
As most places in Tibet have an altitude more than 3,000 meters, it is declined that people travel there may have the health risk of altitude sickness. So to fight with this uncomfortable recreation, you have to make some preparations. Get as fit and healthy as possible before visiting. Get yourself accustomed with proper acclimatization by daily gradual ascent exercises. You can go 330-400 meters every day and have a rest after each 1,000 meters ascent. This may help your body used to higher altitudes and the decreased oxygen supply.
Because of the high altitude, atmosphere in Tibet is quite thin and the sun is much stronger. You’d better bring your sunscreen and sunglasses to prevent from sunburn.
Have a nice trip to Tibet.

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