What to buy in Tibet?
17:31 Mar.14, 2014
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Is there any special local Tibet products that worth shopping if I travel in Tibet? I want to buy some local items as gifts for my firends. Thank you.

Re RE:Jim : There are many things worth to buy in Tibet.These shopping treasures are featured with rich Tibetan culture and local life, including Thangka, Tibetan jewelry, Tibetan carpet, Tibetan knife, Tibetan mask, Tibetan medicine and so on.

Here are someting you can not miss shopping in Tibet.

Thangka is an exquisite Tibetan scroll.It's mainly about Tibetan Buddhism.The material of Thangka is comprehensive from cloth, embroidery, paper, brocade to silk tapestry or applique.

Tibetan jewelry is exotic and aesthetically pleasing.It's featured with its materials.Tibetan jewelry is usually made from metals,stones and bones such as silver, gold, and copper,turquoise, agate, wood, and bamboo, pearls, coral,yak bones.

Tibetan medicine is famous for its good curative effect on some diseases and its special processing method.The popular Tibetan medicine include saffron, aweto and snow lotus.

Hope you have a nice trip!

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