Recommended things to do in Chongqing?
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My girlfriend and I will fly to Chongqing next month.We may stay a week at Chongqing. Since that is a big holiday of a week,we would appreciate if someone could give some thoughts about what to do in Chongqing for a few days.After that ,we will set off to explore the other places of China.

Re RE:Carl : Besides those normal attractions in Chongqing, Wulong is another place that has many attractions to enjoy.

Wulong County is located about 139 kilometers away from the downtown of Chongqing Municipality. When travel to Wulong County, what attracts most are the Fairy Mountain National Park and Wulong Karst. At the Fairy Mountain, there are spectaculars of forest, peculiar peaks, vast grassland and snowfield to enjoy at the same time.
Wulong karst is widely known for its marvelous scenery of the Three Natural Bridges, Furong Cave and Houping Tiankeng. These three attractions have gorgeous karst landscapes that are considered as natural wonders. By the way, the Furong River alongside the Furong Cave also has attractive scenery. Anyway, there are many to dos and to sees in Chongqing. Just enjoy your trip.

Re RE:Carl : When I traveled to Chongqing, I saw and enjoyed a lot at this “mountain city”. The Three Gorges Dam is definitely the must-visit site in Chongqing. A Yangtze River Cruise is highly recommended, as you can fully enjoy the stunning scenery of the Three Gorges along the river.

Do not miss Ci Qi Kou Ancient Village. There are a lot of handcraft souvenirs to buy in its old street.

Hmm, Dazu Rock Carvings are another attraction that should be in your list. These are value artworks from the ancient times.

There is a Foreigner Street which dedicates to entertainment and amusement and attracts many foreigners there.

If you want some delicious food, there are a lot to taste. Try Chongqing styled hot pot. It is famous in China.

Re RE:Carl : Chongqing is a city with rich history.There are many things you guys can do here.In order to get a real feel for the city you can’t miss these great locations:The Great Hall of the People,Three Gorges Museum and Forest Park Shengdeng.The Great Hall of the People is a symbol of the city which is located in The People’s Square.You can learn how the city has grown and prospered in Three Gorges Museum.With spectacular views and hidden temples,Forest Park Shengdeng is the ideal place escaping the hustle and bustle of the city centre!

Travel in Chongqing,you can also not miss the famous Chongqing cuisine.The local favourite is the classic hot pot.With a vast harbour,the seafood is also great in Chongqing.

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