What to eat in Hong Kong
11:27 Mar.21, 2014
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China Food
I'm a total food lover and I think there is nowhere else in the world having the amazing international cuisine like Hong Kong.You can almost find food of all countries and they are all very  authentic and delicious.But my favorite food is still Hong Kong food.
Cha chaan teng is the Hong Kong-typical casual restaurant serving up cheaply priced, richly flavored eats at all hours of the day.My favorite specialties in cha chaan teng include  roast goose, pineapple buns and milk tea.What's you favorite Hongkong food?

Re RE:Dodie : I love Hongkong food too!I like eat black sesame Tong Yuen in the breakfast which are glutinous rice balls filled with sweet black sesame or red bean paste, then topped with chopped nuts.Eggette is also an interesting snack which is like egg waffle.Bor lor bao is a soft, sugary sweet bun and you will never forget this deliciousness once you have a try.There are many other delicious food like Pork Floss,Portuguese Egg Tarts,Osmanthus with Wolfberry Curd,etc.

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