What are must-see or do while in Guangzhou
12:32 Mar.25, 2014
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Hi,I will be in Guangzhou for a month.Are there any recommendations for the must-see or do like some of the major things and places that I must see while there.I heared about that Guangzhou is a city with rich historical cultural relics and remains.I'd like to know which of them are famous.Thanks!

Re RE:Hethra : The places I love most in Guangzhou are Shamian Island,Baiyun Mountain and Chen Clan Academy.If you are interested in traditional Chinese architecture,you should not miss the Chen Clan Academy which has excellent old architecture and houses a lot of art and sculptures.Shamian Island is the first foreign concession in China in the past.It's has lots of beautiful western architectures.Baiyun Mountain has an amazing natural scenery.It's a perfect place to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city.Have a nice Guangzhou trip!

Re RE:Hethra :
As one of the hot tourist city in southern China, Guangzhou is a morden as well as cultural city where there are lots of interesting things to do in Guangzhou.
Here are things you can not miss in Guangzhou:
Listen to Cantonese Opera
Guangzhou traditional repertoire - Cantonese Opera, known as "southern red beans", performing flexible and delicate, smooth and varied vocals, melodic and harmonious, deeply loved the local people of Guangzhou. 
Pearl River Night Cruise
the surrounding scenery is very beautiful. There are many historic buildings along the Pearl River. Taking a Pearl River night cruise tour can make you faster and fully understanding of Guangzhou Culture and history. 
For Guangzhou people, a really fantastic day would start from the nightlife, therefore clubbing becomes the main way of nightlife in Guangzhou. In Guangzhou, there are nearly 300 bars, three bar streets, including YanJiangLu Bar Street (Yuexiu District), Fangcun Bar Street (Liwan District), Central City Road Bar Street (Tianhe District), and each street has its own characteristics. 
Enjoying flowers
In Guangzhou, vegetation is evergreen and flowers normally open all through the year, so it is also known as the “Flower City”. There is a long history for Guangzhou people to plant and admire the flowers. Now you can enjoy different flowers during different seasons in Guangzhou. 

Re RE:Hethra : As a famous cultural and historical city in southern China with a long history, Guangzhou is a great destination to enjoy its flavors of ancient and modern as well as local Guangdong style.
If you travel to Guangzhou, famous attractions recommended would be Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall, Temple of the Six Banyan Trees, Yuexiu Park, Chen Ancestral Shrine, Canton Tower, White Cloud Mountain, Bright Filial Piet Temple and other attractions like these.
But from my experience, there are two things I highly recommend are the night cruise along the Pearl River and the local Guangzhou dishes and snacks.
Pearl River has its special and unique views at night. And a night cruise along the Pearl River is a great method to know and enjoy its beautiful scenery.
And as Guangzhou is the capital of Guangdong Province, Guangzhou dishes are typical representatives of Guangdong cuisine. Here at Guangzhou you have chances to taste authentic and original Guangdong food. Cantonese dishes like Braised Shark Fin, Babao Donggua Zhong, Pine Nut shaped Fish, Golden Medal Roasted Sucking Pig and Guangshi Sha La are those must-try dishes. And do not forget Guangzhou dim sum. Those Double-skin Milk, Yuntun Mian, Guiling Gao, Chang Fen, Jidi Zhou and many other snacks are quite tasty.
Enjoy your stay at Guangzhou.

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