Any recommendations for great Buddhist resorts in China?
11:25 Mar.27, 2014
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We are doing a research on Buddhism recently and our focus in on Chinese Buddhism at this period. And our TL is considering arranging a tour to China to some famous Buddhism resorts so that we could experience its culture and get deep into the subject. So do you know some great sites in China that would do some help for our research and study? Any information is welcomed. Thank you.

Re RE:Abel : Or, you can visit some Buddhist temples in China. There are many famous Buddhist temples for your choices. Like Baima Temple in Luoyang City, Lingyin Temple in Hangzhou, Shaolin Temple in Zhengzhou, Hanshan Temple in Suzhou, Longxing Temple in Quanzhou of Fujian Province, Qingjing Temple in Kaifeng of Henan Province, Xiangguo Temple in Kaifeng of Henan Province, Guangji Temple and Wofo Temple in Beijing, Taer Temple in Qinghai, Huayan Temple in Datong of Shanxi Province, South Putuo Temple in Fujian, and so on.

Re RE:Abel : In China, there are many famous mountains and temples related to Buddhist. Besides the four Buddhist mountains of Shanxi Wutai Mountain, Zhejiang Putuo Mountain, Sichuan Emei Mountain and Anhui Jiuhua Mountain, there are other reputed Buddhist mountains, including Zhejiang Tiantai Mountain, Jiangxi Lushan Mountain, Yunnan Jizhu Mountain and Guizhou Fanjin Mountain, Jiangsu Langshan Mountain and Liaoning Qianshan Mountain.

Re RE:Abel : There are many Buddhist attractions in China like famous Buddhist temples, monasteries and caves.Most of them are on the mountains with a beautiful scenery.The four famous Buddhist mountains include Zhejiang Putuo Mountain , Shanxi Wutai Mountain, Sichuan Emei Mountain and Anhui Jiuhua Mountain.

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