Attractions to experience and learn Chinese Kungfu?
12:23 Mar.27, 2014
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I’m quite interested in Chinese Kungfu, and I like Taichi the most. Now I’m learning Taichi in my own country. It helps me a lot, both in the aspect of physical and psychological. Currently, I’m planning a trip to China to find more and learn more about Chinese Kungfu. So, my question is, do you have any good recommendations about places that are themed at Chinese Kungfu? Your information would help me a lot in deciding my itinerary for my China tour. Thanks a lot.

Re RE:joseph : If you are interested in and want to learn Chinese Kungfu,Shaolin Temple is a must-go.Shaolin, Tai Chi and Qigong are the most famous Kungfu styles.Located in Song Mountain, Dengfeng City,Henan Province,Shaolin Temple has a reputation of  'the Number One Temple under Heaven'.It is also on the UNESCO's World Cultural & Natural Heritage List.I consider it will be a perfect place for you!

Re RE:joseph : Chinese Kung Fu is widely spread in China and also quite popular in other countries. And there are a lot of places that are considered hometowns of Kung Fu in China according to historical data.
There are Cangzhou, Tianjin, Songshan, Mount Wudang, Foshan, Jiaozuo, Mount Emei, Quanzhou, Yongnian County, Huaiyang County, Mount Hua and Dengfeng.
You can select some of these places and go there for an authentic Chinese Kung Fu trip.

Re RE:joseph : I love Chinese Kungfu, too. For me, it is a kind of art. As far as I know, there are four famous attractions that are related to Chinese Kungfu. And of course, I’ve been to all the four sites.
Mount Qingcheng in Chengdu. Mount Qingcheng is one of the birthplaces of Chinese martial arts, also it is one of the famous Taoist mountains in China. Here you can enjoy the beautiful and tranquil natural scenery, many temples, also have the chances to learn Chinese Kungfu with professionals in Mount Qingcheng in Chengdu.
Mount Emei in Leshan City of Sichuan Province. Mount Emei is a famous mountain that is one of the birthplaces of Chinese martial arts.
Shaolin Temple in Zhengzhou City. Shaolin Temple has gained its world-wide reputation as the first Kungfu style in Chinese Kunfu.
Mount Wudang in Shiyan City of Hubei Province. Mount Wudang is the birthplace of Taichi.

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