Types of Hong Kong Food?
12:03 Mar.28, 2014
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Hong Kong is a place having almost all kinds of famous foods from many countries around the world.It's also  home to some of the most food-obsessed people in the world and has variety of food items ranging from traditional to unself-conscious fusion foods.Which types food in Hong Kong you like most?

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My favorite Hong Kong food is Rickshaw Noodle.It's one authentic local Hong Kong food and very popular.You can choose your favorite ingredients like hogskin, fish balls, sirloin, carrots and the like.The taste is according to the sauce you add,you can choose the sirloin sauce, satay sauce and curry sauce.It's very delicious!

Re RE:Summer : I like Rickshaw very much. It seems that you will always surprises when eating rickshaw noodles. Usually you can choose what you want in your rickshaw noodles. For me, spicy fish balls and hogskin are the two must material. And sirlin is okay, but I do not like carrots. Soup and sauce are very important for the flavor of rickshaw noodles. Sometimes you have to try several restaurants to find your favorite flavor. 

Re RE:Summer : Well, I have a lot to say when mentioning Hong Kong local snacks. There are a lot to try when in Hong Kong. But my favorite Hong Kong snack should be the Put Chai Ko and Fish Balls. Put Chai Ko is made of rice flour and red beans. It is usually eaten on a small stick after removed from the bowl where it is made. I like the flavor of red beans very much. Actually there are flavors like pumpkin, green tea and others. The fish balls are another typical Hong Kong snack. The special of fish balls depends on the sauce, mainly spicy or sweet sauce. I like spicy fish balls very much. And I like to put some when eating Rickshaw noodles and hot pot. Very tasty.


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