Any recommendations for China's food cities?
11:36 Mar.31, 2014
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China Food
Hi,there. I’m a cook in France. I’m quite good at making delicate western food. But now, I’m quite interested in Chinese food and its food culture. So recently, I’m thinking of taking a food trip to China and to see if I could find more surprises from local Chinese food. So, I wanna ask, could you please recommend some famous food cities in China where I can taste and know authentic and original Chinese local food? Actually any kind of Chinese cuisine is great for me. Thanks for you information.

Re RE:Jenney : I love Hunan cuisine most among Chinese food.Hunan cuisine is also called Xiang cuisine.As one of the eight regional cuisines of China,Hunan cuisine is famous for its hot spicy flavor, fresh aroma and deep color.Hunan cuisine is known for liberal use of chilli peppers, shallots and garlic.So it's dry hot (干辣) or purely hot.

Re RE:Jenney : Well, there are several other great food cities in China for the taste of authentic Chinese food. Different city has different food. I’d like to name some popular food cities. Beijing is definitely to be in the list. It is for Jing cuisine and northeast cuisine. Also, authentic Mongolian cuisine like Mongolian hot pot is commonly seen in Beijing.
For Sichuan cuisine, Chengdu and Chongqing are the best choices. Chongqing has the best hotpot and Chengdu has the most authentic Sichuan cuisine.
If you want to try northwest cuisine and Muslim cuisine, Xi’an should be a great choice.
And, Turpan is the city for Xijiang cuisine and Muslim cuisine. Xianmen for Min cuisine and Lhasa for Tibet food.
All the above mentioned cities are famous food cities, as well as hot tourism cities in China. 

Re RE:Jenney : Chinese food is great. I love Chinese food, too. For me I have specific interest in Cantonese food. So my recommendations for Cantonese food cities are Guangzhou, Hong Kong and Macau.
Guangzhou should be the top choice for knowing Cantonese food. There you will see numerous restaurants that provide original Cantonese food. Dishes like white cut chicken and roast suckling pig are two typical Cantonese dishes. But for me, I like B.B.Q. pork, spring rolls, chicken salad, and sweet and sour ribs best. And at Guangzhou, you can enjoy great Cantonese food at the same time with great attractions.
Hong Kong and Macau are other two great cities where you also can taste original Cantonese food. In Hong Kong Cantonese styled seafood and dim sum are what main choices, and at the same time there is a mix of western styled high quality food to enjoy. Macau is for Cantonese food and Portuguese food. 

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