Any other attractions in Guilin except those famous ones?
14:37 Apr.02, 2014
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I’m planning a China tour to the beautiful Guilin city. I’m looking forward to seeing the Li River and Yangshuo for a long time. I plan to stay in Guilin for several days and want to explore the city as much as possible. So, besides those famous attractions like the Li River, Elephant Trunk Mountain and Yangshuo, are there any other interesting attractions for me to enjoy in Guilin or around Guilin. Any other sites as long they are not too far away and have convenient transportation to Guilin are great, because my accommodation is arranged in Guilin city. Any information is welcomed here.

Re RE:Anne : Guilin is known as the most picturesque place in China and it's a must-see place for sightseeing at any time of the year.There are 10 highly recommended attractions you can not miss,such as the Li River,Yangshuo,the Reed Flute Cave,Elephant Trunk Hill,Seven Star Park,Folded Brocade Hill,Fubo Hill (Wave-Subduing Hill),Solitary Beauty Hill,Longji Terraced Field,Lipu County and so on.

Re RE:Anne : I stayed in Guilin for a whole week last year when I traveled there. After the visit of the Li River, Liu Sanjie Impression and Yangshuo, I also went to Elephant Trunk Hill, Seven Star Park, Folded Brocade Hill, Fubo Mountain, Solitary Beauty Hill, Fengyu Cave, Daxu Ancient Town, Yulong River and Big Banyan Tree. And of course, do not miss out on the beautiful Longji Terraced Field.
Besides, there are other attractions like Cat Mountain, Douji Hill, Yao Mountain, Crown Cave, Jiangtou Village of Jiuwu Town, the Ling Canal and Yuzi Paradise. Though I did not go these attractions, they are also great choices if you have enough time to stay in Guilin.

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