Where to see Chinese architecture?
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I’m studying architecture in my university. Now I’m searching various kinds of architecture to study. I admire and respect architectures of different styles and features. Recently our focus is on ancient architectures. We have created a group and are considering going for an architecture tour in China. So if we’re going to visit some places in China to find out ancient Chinese architectures, which city should be our destination? Any style of architecture is great for us. If you have any ideas and know some related information, please let me know. Thanks.

Re RE:Doris : And if you are interested, here’s our website: http://freewheeling.strikingly.com/.
Also please feel free to contact us via email: 

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During your stay in China, we can be your most reliable friend. You can call us on a 24/7 basis when you want to change your plan, when you have emergency situations, when you are looking for the best place for lunch, when you can't find your way back to hotel, or simply when you just want someone to talk to.

We'll charge a little amount of money as our service fee. But the total traveling expanse will still be lower than the price offered by travel agencies, or the expanse when you choose to arrange things by yourself.

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My name is Riley. And I’m a member from FREEWHEELING, a group of Chinese high school students that provides travelers around the world with independent travel advise and tour arrangement. We help tourists to DIY their tour in China. 

It seems like that you have some questions about your architecture tour to China. And I can certainly understand that, especially when it may cost quite a few, you might want the trip to be really worth it!

I hope that your planning of the tour is all going well so far. But I’m still wondering that whether you would like to find someone else to help you, but definitely unlike the traditional one-the one you had before.We are different than traditional travel agencies in that we talk a lot with you to get a sense of what kind of traveling you like, we make every bit of the tour arrangement with you informed throughout the process, and we provide you with advice and allow you to choose all the places and times you see fit.


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